Major Projects
· Software design and development for session management, network control and disaster recovery functions of System Control Processor node of SWIFT II network.
· Software development of Message store system, normal & disaster recovery of file system, user commands processing, online user configuration update functions of the Slice Processor node of the SWIFT II network.
· Software design & development of NMS (Network Management System) software for ADN (ALCATEL DATA NETWORKS) to manage large and complex networks with both CMIS/CMIP as well as SNMP protocols for their high speed switches (ATM) as well as for medium speed switches (Frame Relay). This NMS manages nodes in the categories of fault, configuration and performance.
· Software design & development of Network Management System for GTE to manage network elements of a cellular network for the New York Stock Exchange.
· Development of networking as well as NMS software for Hyundai Electronics of America for the development of their ATM and ethernet switches.
· Development and integration of the Frame Forward network for interworking between ATM and Frame Relay switches for British Telecom(BT), Concert and MCI.
· Turnkey implementation of NMS for managing groups of IF switches for Americast
· Specification of system instrumentation data (standard and enterprise MIBs) and development of SNMP agent and Manager, command line, and HTTP management interfaces for embedded, real-time networking platforms including ATM switches implementing the ILMI MIB.
· Managed a system for MCI for consolidation of all the Network Element records for transmission to the clients in a near-real time using TCP/IP to receive and send data. The system also maintained statistics, correlated selected network records and provided retransmission capability. All work was done in C++ on UNIX RS/6000 and SUN.
· For MCI Intelligent Network systems involved in development of client/server communication software to support real-time transaction processing applications and support peer-to-peer/broadcast communications using direct access to Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 link layer various network monitoring, trace analysis and load generation/performance measurement tools
· Developed management applications for satellite ground control system for American Mobile Satellite Communications. Used C, Oracle RDBMS and the Digital POLYCENTER network management framework to implement satellite telephone service provisioning and management functions
· Performed network survey for Cable & Wireless Communications, Inc: analysed traffic load, network topology and cabling plant. Designed network to improve performance and reliability. Instituted SNMP management of service network.
· Developed for Cable & Wireless Communications, Inc TCP/IP-based client/server API library on UNIX and OS/2 systems for use in high-performance document distribution system. Diagnosed and fixed TCP/IP network problems with protocol analyser tools.
· Development of Network monitoring and user fault diagnosis software used by the SWIFT-II network support personnel. This is a Client Server system using MOTIF and Oracle Forms for Client presentation and Oracle database as the storage mechanism on the Server.
· At Hughes Network Systems involved in a project for developing a three-tier architecture based Network Management System for configuration of the HNS Direct PC Enterprise Edition (DPC/EE) Network on HP-UX. The first-tier client applications (GUIs) are implemented in Java, the middle-tier application servers implemented in C++ using an Object Request Broker (ORB). The configuration information is stored in an Oracle Relational DBMS (third-tier).
· Designed and implemented a client-server based Software Upgrade Manager for the HNS DPC/EE on Solaris. Configuration data and performance statistics were stored in an Oracle Relational DBMS. The GUIs were implemented using Developer/2000 and TCl/Tk. Server applications were developed in C++ using the DBTools.h++ class library