Arko Inc. is a fast growing corporation with offices in Fairfax Va. USA. It provides end to end business and technical solutions for the requirements of its customers in USA and around the world. Our clients are major corporations included in the Fortune 1000 list of companies

The main goal of the company is to provide our customers total satisfaction, by offering high quality value added business solutions and providing expert consultants. Arko Inc. intends to
  • Position itself as a premier business and technical solution provider in software development, implementation and consulting.
  • Specialize in providing superior and highly qualified experts for various projects.
  • Arko Inc. provides consulting services and turnkey solutions in a variety of areas, prime amongst which are :
  • Consulting and turnkey solutions in the telecommunications sector.
  • Management and technical consulting in banking and finance.
  • Management and technical consulting in networking requirements.
  • Full life cycle development in the area of computer software applications.
  • Distributed application design and implementation
  • Data management including customizing databases and data warehousing.
  • Internet and web based applications.

The group of expert and dedicated consultants is our greatest asset and through them we strive to provide superior service to our business partners. We provide companies with a range of solutions suited to their requirements. Our focus on providing timely and efficient service to our clients has been highly appreciated, and the companies working with us found it to be extremely satisfying.